About us

About Acura Life Sciences

Acura Life Sciences is a chemistry Contract Research Organization (CRO), providing drug discovery and development services like chemical synthesis, medicinal chemistry, process chemistry. Our management team is made up of scientific expertise with extensive experience in drug discovery, target selection, hit to lead, lead optimization and delivering preclinical candidates for external clients in various therapeutic areas like Inflammation, Pain, CNS, Oncology and Metabolic Disorders.

Our company is dedicated to supporting chemistry services in custom synthesis; new route scouting, process development, technology transfer and specialty chemicals like modified Nucleosides, Nucleotides as well as Phosphoramidite building blocks.

Why Acura Life Sciences?

  • We offer a broad range of chemistry services from drug discovery to custom synthesis to specialty chemicals with the highest quality standards
  • ALS offers cost-effective solutions within the stipulated timelines without compromising on the quality of deliverables
  • Our expert scientific team have proven expertise in the area of custom synthesis and drug discovery and development
  • Diverse chemistry experience in synthesizing mg to kg scale
  • Collaborate with research institutions and academia to accelerate the generation of knowledge and leverage innovation and technology platform
  • We are capable of designing molecules for various therapeutic targets using a structure based or ligand-based approaches and also virtual screening
  • Our experience, dedication, and commitment to maintain quality standards make us an ideal partner for chemistry services and discovery research

Our Mission and Vision

At Acura Life Sciences we provide innovative scientific solutions

  • Commitment to Purpose
  • Customer Satisfaction & Service
  • High Performance
  • Quality
  • Safety